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  1. I have the same problems. It's more than one year after Apple released his own ARM chips and they continue to bring even more products. All my other software is running natively and I am also thinking about switching back to 1password. So it's really time to get a native version, Enpass, please! There were already many people asking for native support...
  2. Still no update on this topic? Unfortunately, the problems got even worse. Since a few weeks, Enpass is crashes all the time when it's just run in the background. So I always have to re-open it again and again...
  3. Unfortunately there also are some annoying graphical errors with Enpass on the Apple M1 (Apple Silicon) - in the app itself, as well as in the browser extionsion. It would be great if Enpass could release an native / Universal App optimized for the new M1 chip, as many competitors already did.
  4. Very disappointing, that there is no reaction from Enpass team so far. For me, this is really a big issue and if there will not be any solution, I am forced to switch back to some competitor. :-(
  5. Hi, since Monday I use one of the new Apple MacBooks with M1 chip. Unfortunately, Enpass does not run that well on it - there are some performance and display issues. I guess, it is not optimized for the new chip yet. So my question is, are there plans to optimize Enpass for M1? If yes, when will it be updated? Thanks a lot in advance!
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