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  1. Hi, I am using EnPass on IOS 14.3 (6.6.1 (528)), iPad OS 14.3 (6.6.1 (528)), Mac OS X 11.1 (6.5.2 (726)) and Linux (6.5.1 (723)). But this is not of much importance... They all have the same behavior because EnPass is just working as it is design in each of these cases. It is just that there is an error in that design, which is to assume that the TOTP code will be asked in a second step and not at the same time as the main password.
  2. Hi, Congrats for your great password manager. I've been using it for a long time and it is still the best manager there is on the market. Last week, I upgraded my personal environment. I moved from FreeNAS 11.2 up to TrueNAS 12.0-U1. 2FA is a new feature of TrueNAS and I activated it. Unfortunately, I can not sign in it with EnPass anymore. The reason is that as opposed to all other 2FA web pages, TrueNAS asks for both the password AND the TOTP at the same time, in the same form. EnPass fills only the password and gets ready to provide the TOTP on a second page / a second form. If I try to fill a second time, only the TOTP get filled. It is the only TOTP form I know that requires both the password and the TOTP code in the same form. I guess that is why this corner case has not been designed in EnPass up to now. Please, consider this situation and have EnPass looks for both field when a TOTP key is configured. If only the password field is found, just procede as you do now and expect the TOTP on the next page. But if you do find the second field for TOTP, just fill both fields at the same time. Should you need more details about the case, I will be pleased to help you with that. Thanks in advance for making EnPass always more capable,
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