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  1. @Garima Singh @Abhishek Dewan? Maybe @Amandeep Kumar or @Anshu kumar can help instead?
  2. @Abhishek Dewan @Garima Singh I can't belive this issue still exists after more than three years since @urgatorbait created this post on May 29, 2021. And yet, still no solution or even an answer since @Abhishek Dewan told us on September 14, 2023 that the "dedicated team [...] will get back to you soon". That's really, really bad customer care!
  3. @Abhishek Dewan@Garima Singh Any news on this? Your last reply was two months ago and the topic exists since May 29, 2021 without any solution to this really annoying and frustrating issue.
  4. Hi @Abhishek Dewan I am using Enpass 6.9.0 (1466) on Windows 11. Like @DenalB I am using WebDAV Sync and am still experiencing the issues described in this thread.
  5. @Garima Singh Any news on this issue? It still exists and is very annoying when checking entries in a vault always ends up in more time scrolling than actually working. More than two years since you announced your team is working for fixes and yet no solution seems quite disappointing.
  6. Hi @Abhishek Dewan Thank you for your quick reply. I am looking forward to the solution to this problem.
  7. @Pratyush Sharma, @Garima Singh (adding @Abhishek Dewan, @Gulshan Dogra and @Manish Chokwal as well because you were recently most active in the Android section) Almost anniversary and still no answer or solution for this!? Please have a look at this issue and find a solution since it is really annoying having to click back and forth every time a password is needed on Android.
  8. @Pratyush Sharma Any updates on these issues? Has been quite a while now and still no change.
  9. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thanks for sharing your ideas on the issue. Both is not causing the problem since the sync is actually working from time to time. Still, it is very unreliable and sometimes needs a few days to sync new or edited items.
  10. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thanks for your quick reply. I just sent you the videos. Hopefully, these will help you understand and fix the issues. In fact, I am using Firefox, not Opera. I just mentioned Opera because Garima Singh asked me to test another browser. I am using Firefox on both, Desktop and Android.
  11. Hi @Garima Singh, Sorry for the delay. That should not be the case here. I tried to wait some time before invoking Enpass and double checked if the page has been fully loaded. This only happens if Enpass is locked. If I do not have to enter my PIN/password, it works as intended – no matter how fast I try to invoke Enpass. And it does not happen all the time or reproducibly but only from time to time. Which Enpass version (Store/Website) you using? I am using Enpass 6.6.1 (804) from Microsoft Store on Windows 10. Any specific scenario for this issue? The scenario is as described above: If Enpass is locked and I unlock it, I will see all items. If Enpass is unlocked, I only see matching items. Are you facing this issue only with Firefox browser or other browsers too? The issue occurs only in Firefox as far as I noticed. Number of vaults and items in Enpass you have saved in the Enpass? I have three vaults and ~1,000 items. Do you have any updates regarding my initial issue that Enpass autofill on Android still does not work properly? I can make a video showing the issue if you tell me, how I can get it to you. Maybe this helps to better understand the issue.
  12. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Sorry for the delay. Date and time are set accurately on all devices and are set to automatic. I tried disconnecting the sync from all devices and reconnected it again. This did not affect the described behavior. The sync still is not reliable and pressing the sync button on Android most of the time does not do anything – or at least nothing is indicated. After a while the sync usually works but thus the Enpass app gets quite unreliable. It’s also very cumbersome to check all vaults since I always set it to ‘all vaults’ and there is no option like sync all. It very rarely happens that Enpass automatically syncs new or changed entries by itself. I most of the time have to do something manually in order to get the updates. I usually do not check the sync status the way you described. I mostly open the hamburger menu and tap on the cloud icon. In this windows, I can check ‘las synced’ and press the sync button.
  13. Are there any updates on this issue? I am having the same problem with windows, android and OneDrive. I think, the problem is not that the desktop is not pushing but android is not pulling. I synchronize over two desktops and one android and the sync between the two desktops is just working fine. I also noticed that clicking the sync button on android does not work most of the time. Nothing happens when clicking it. This is always the case when entries are missing and not being updated. If the sync worked - which happens from time to time - and the entries are updated, the sync button works for a short time and updates the last synchronized message. @sapbucket Do you also experience unreliable syncing from time to time? Maybe @Garima Singh can take a look at this issue?
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