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    It is your business. Your decisions. Your right. I respect that, but I say as users see. I would rather I will not wait for promotion. Sorry.
  2. Zbyszek


    Price in Poland is too high! :-( SafeInCloud and 1Password are cheaper. European countries have different levels of income. What is cheap in the UK or Germany, it is very expensive in Poland. We have the EU, but we do not have a common currency and similar earnings.
  3. Are you planning a price promotion for Android? The current price is high. Too high. :-( Please Compare prices: SafeInCloud, 1Password.
  4. Can i send You my custom icons? Based on logos and Your circles style. I design icons for companies from Poland.
  5. Hi I found many english strings in polish localizations in the free desktop version for Mac and demo version for Android. password - hasło passwd - hasło new password - nowe hasło new password verify - powtórz hasło username - nazwa użytkownika mobile - komórka sign in - zaloguj się remember me - zapamiętaj mnie
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