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  1. 1. App Stores take 15-30% of the fee you pay. I would rather see that go to Enpass development hack even profit for the Enpass developers! 2. Windows is now an issue. You need to buy it again and need to use the Windows Store, which is barely supported by Microsoft themselves! Would you be OK paying more for a multiplatform license? How about paying the SAME (currently 5.99) for a license for 1 platform, paying for it outside the store (meaning you simply don't pay Google, Apple or Microsoft for the efforts of the Enpass team)? Development team, would you consider this? Making more money and being independent of those stores?
  2. I agree the current situation is not OK when it comes to Windows, especially for existing users. But isn't this also caused by the Windows platform and therefore Microsoft? I do not mind having to pay a little bit again, but I do not and will not use the Windows Store, it's not the standardized, default way to get apps on Windows, Microsoft themselves don't support it fully for their own apps. I do not use a Microsoft account to login to Windows and never will since I do not use the Windows store. So I will never be able to use Enpass anymore on Windows. I WOULD LIKE TO PAY FOR ENPASS (AGAIN). How are we going to solve this?
  3. Android 9 on Pixel. Two major issues made me regret purchasing Enpass since the issues are not new yet are not being resolved: 1. 9 out of 10 times in browsers, Enpass does not appear when I need to login on a website. When I test the same site with Lastpass, also using the Accessibility Service, it works. 2. When Enpass appears below a login field, it covers my keyboard and also the next field (password) making it impossible for me to logon. If Enpass does not have the credentials this means in such cases I am blocked from logging it completely and have to disable Enpass to continue. Fix: the notification should always appear above such fields (1 out of 2 times it does). Development team of Enpass, please confirm you are aware of these issues. When can we expect this to be solved?
  4. I use a Google Pixel 1 (Android 8). I have enabled Autofill Service and also "Fill logins in apps and websites". What works: Filling apps: in some apps, I see a little message "Password will be provided to this app" with the app name and my account name (as it is saved in Enpass). Adding from new apps: Also, in some apps, if the app is not known by Enpass yet, after I unlock Enpass and login to the app manually, Enpass asks me to save it to Enpass. In Chrome, I only get the notification message "touch to autofill" and only if the site/account is already in Enpass, it will autofill. What does definitely not work: In Chrome, I never get a similar option like metioned in (1) , but I do get the notification message "Touch to autofill". In Chrome, I have never been able to actually save new accounts/passwords to Enpass, after using "Touch to autofill". What is the expected behavior of Enpass in Chrome on Android 8? If I cannot add anything to Enpass via Chrome, how will it ever be able to autofill? Adding manually is cumbersome and actually prone to errors, since I don't know the exact URL identifier. Also I do not have a personal desktop or laptop (only one for business which I hardly use for personal stuff, also does not allow me to install Enpass). The keyboard is not really an option. If I have to choose between a good black keyboard and no autofill (current situation) or a white one with less good typing experience, it is an easy choice, since I use the keyboard much more than autofill. EDIT: I purchased Enpass during the holiday sale in December.
  5. Hi @Akash Vyas I actually just realized you already have folder support on Android. And SyncThing already allows for syncing folders across Android and Windows and Linux! So basically all functionality is already there! The only thing preventing Enpass users from syncing: On Windows, the wallet is this file: C:\Users\username\Documents\Enpass\walletx.db On Android, you simply select "Sync with: Folder" and select for example /storage/emulated/0. Now the file will be: /storage/emulated/0/Enpass/sync_default.walletx or (it's exactly the same, just alias): emulated/0/Enpass/sync_default.walletx All we need to use SyncThing is the same name and extension! But how does this work when people use WebDAV or other methods across Android and Windows? I am sure they also need the same name/extension, right? EDIT: "Windows > Enpass > Settings > Sync" also allows "Sync To Folder"! And I can pick a folder, which will then contain a "sync_default.walletx" file! So it is already possible! It could be a bit more user friendly.
  6. I am starting to love Enpass. But I am also minimizing my dependencies on cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. I have switched to SyncThing which is now used to sync my Whatsapp msg backup folder, the Whatsapp media folder, my phone camera folder and my phone pictures folder. The most important one is Enpass. I believe this would simply work if Enpass would store the encrypted database in a folder that has the same name/structure across OS's (Debian, Android, Windows). Can this be easily implemented?
  7. Alright so if I want to make a full switch to Enpass, including Chrome browser, would you recommend enabling Enpass keyboard or Enpass notification service? Or would that interfere with the current simplicity of Autofill in other apps?
  8. Same questions here, but I need a bit more understanding: Using Pixel, Android 8.0, Enpass Autofill seems to work fine with apps. The only exception is Chrome. I am not sure how it is suppose to work exactly. Should I disable Chrome > Settings > Save passwords because I don't want to store passwords on Googles server? Or should I keep it enabled, but disable Chrome > Settings > Autofill and payments > Auto fill forms ? Or should I keep that one enabled to make sure Enpass will be triggered (with the current beta solution or future version of Enpass)? Or does this last setting have nothing to do with Android 8.0 Autofill framework? Chrome is a bit confusing on this part..
  9. Well then I am overreacting.. but I don't understand your explanation. What I am trying to explain is how suprised I am no password manager including Enpass has thought about the simple concept of multiple users using the same Android tablet (as a simple example). For Windows I guess the solution is very simple: use multiple Windows accounts. Stupid me, I haven't used Windows/MS accounts for soo long completely forgot about it. Thanks for your suggestions!
  10. I would like to start using a password manager but it seems none of them has thought about the fact that many users share a device like a laptop or tablet. So to me, it didn't make sense to start using a password manager, since I share a laptop and a tablet at home. The only personal device is my smartphone. My worklaptop is the same story: work related sites/apps should not get mixed with private stuff (currently I use FF for private stuff and Chrome for work stuff). Now I will travel for a long time with my partner, we will have our personal smartphones and 1 tablet. How should we use Enpass? It would become a mess having multiple accounts for the same services, when we use one vault. Or am I overreacting? Currently I switched to using Firefox on the tablet, she uses Chrome. This way we keep our accounts seperate, but Firefox can be slow/annoying on Android. Also it seems we have to start using Enpass on the laptop but we both use FireFox on it and constantly log each other out. so how would this work with a password manager? I am a bit shocked no password manager has real support/guidance for non-personal devices.
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