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  1. When adding new site credentials on chrome, I click on the generate password icon on Enpass Chrome addin, and it correctly fills in the pwd field. However, it never prompts me to save those new credentials to Enpass meaning that by the time I get to Enpass, it has already cleared clipboard so I need to go to web site and do a "forgot password" to get a new password. I find this very frustrating. Also, I would expect Enpass to save ALL generated passwords somewhere when I click the "Fill & Copy" to at least offer some workaround for this shortcoming.
  2. Android O AutoFill Hi, could we open a discussion on the features, status and known issues regarding the Android O autofill functionality, mainly because I'm not sure which issues are due to Android O, which due to Enpass beta support on it, and which are just by-design features of the autofill. 1. Should the autofill work in apps and in Android Chrome browser? (as I very rarely see the prompt anywhere, either in apps, or in Chrome) 2. If the autofill isn't even displaying the prompt to login to Enpass (sorry but it is so rarely working I cannot even remember the what the prompt says), is it due to Android O or Enpass? 3. Is there any Android-specific way to force the Android autofill to trigger, in case it is not reacting at all to credential fields?
  3. Hi, after ONE successful sync after connecting to OneDrive, Android app stops syncing with OneDrive. After setting up the sync, it works fine one, but ALL further sync operations fail. I know this because the "Last synchronized" is the time when I set up the sync, and the "last attempt" keeps in changing, but "last synchronized" never changes after the first sync during the setup. AFter some time, Enpass starts to show error "Not able to connect to OneDrive. Please check Internet connectivity. Error Code:-113". If I do DISCONNECT and reconnect it again works great once. Enpass for Android is v. 5.5.6. Same issue occured on my Nexus 6P on Android 7.1.2, but also now on Android 8.0.
  4. I'm sorry, but switching to Enpass keyboard is just too clumsy and a hackish workaround (just like using the builtin Enpass browser just to get pwd autofill working) that could be overcome just by adding a simple copy/paste functionality to the app when opened from notification. When I'm on a site or app and would like to autofill it using Enpass, and it either refuses to autofill the fields, or the notification just disappears after you drag down to open Android notifications before you can even press it to open it (yes, it does that too), I just would like to login to the site/app and not start to think how to submit new forum post or sending in support ticket. If there would be easy way from the App to send in message to let you know autofilling isn't working on this site/app (just one click), it would make sense. But still I would need to login right at that time, so it doesn't help me if it gets fixed next month. I'm now starting to test the autofill functionality on Android O, so hopefully it will solve all these issues in some time frame.
  5. Hi, PROBLEM: When you open Chrome extension in Windows, and type in search query, Enpass will display filtered list fine. However, when you close Chrome extension, and come back, it will still display the search query in search box, but items are not filtered anymore according to that query. HOW IT SHOULD WORK: When reopening extension in Chrome for Windows, it should not remember search query, UNLESS you are on the SAME page where you just opened it. Idea here is that wherever Enpass is not properly filling in credential fields (and there are plenty of sites, and there always will be, no problem with that), you go and search for the site, then copy username, then paste it to username field, then again open Enpass extension, have to remove one character from search box for Enpass to again display correct site, then copy and paste pwd. This is rather coumbersome.
  6. On some websites, the autofill just won't work. This will be endless cat and mouse game you can never win, so please add option to copy/paste credentials when accessing Enpass via Chrome on Android.
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