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  1. Hi @Garima Singh Today I have installed the enpass 6.6.1 from mac app store. It solved the issue. I have enabled the option for Touch ID. Then I selected apple watch as well, and worked fine. Thanks. 6.6.1 solved my issue.
  2. Hi @Garima Singh Thanks! :) Looking forward to figure out. I think something was stuck, and this is why enpass cannot identify the touchID availability. Since the original post I have multiple reboots, so it doesn't solve the problem. Let me know if I can provide test outputs or something what can be used for identify the issue. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have the enpass 6.6 version on my MacOs Bigsur (11.2.1). Enpass generally works fine. However I cannot enable Touch ID at all. It is gray out, inactive. Originally i tried the version what the site offer. Then I tried the app store one (this is what I used). Unfortunately both version provide the same "Touch ID isn't enabled on this device" I checked the system preferences - TouchID and it is enabled. The function works fine. I can unlock the Mac and make authorization instead of write the admin password. However in Enpass this cannot be used. Can you help me how to enable it or what to check? Thanks! Mihaly
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