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  1. I just exported from Enpass and imported to Bitwarden with the import/export stuff build into each app. Seemed to work without issue.
  2. I switched to BitWarden today. Some things seem better, some things not as good... but I have not encountered any serious issues that literally interrupt my productivity. So I guess that's a win.
  3. Good luck, it doesn't seem like Enpass is that interested in this critical bug (or really don't have a handle on it). It's been a long time for such a big issue. Sucks, but I am in the process of testing alternatives to Enpass
  4. I appreciate the reply... this is brutal. My company uses Google Workplace and Enpass is literally making me less efficient at work, hah. I don't mean this as a threat or something, but I am an nearly to the point where I need to use something else.
  5. Does this beta fix this bug? Is there a beta for the Chrome extension (presuming it is needed)?
  6. Extension: 6.7.4 App: 6.7.4 (934) I don't use any other browsers, I will leave that testing to you. I will also leave the video cap up to you. I am simply reporting the issue.
  7. With Enpass Chrome extension enabled, I cannot create events (or close out partially created events) in the Calendar sidebar in GMail. If I disable the Enpass extension and refresh, it works normally. Verified with a new Chrome user account, on multiple computers (Windows 10 and 11 all running latest stable Chrome), and with all other extensions disabled. If you create an event you will not be able to save it or X to close it out.
  8. Hi all... new convert from Last Pass. On some websites and apps. Enpass doesn't recognize that it needs to fill info (this was the case with LastPass too, no big deal). On LastPass, there was a QuickSettings Tile... I could just pull the notification shade down, tap it, and get the UN/Pass copy options so I didn't have to leave the app or site. How can I do this on Enpass? Obviously it's not an ideal UX to leave the app to go get the info. Thanks! Android 11, OnePlus 8 Pro
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