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  1. This is an extremely annoying behavior of Enpass.. The issue is with the Browser Extension, as "killing" it (the extension) via Activity Manager or closing and re-opening Safari fixes it (for a while). Please have this fixed.
  2. I also recommended Enpass to a lot of people following the shift to subscription models @1Password and also purchased the Premium plan over the already paid Pro plan after struggling with that decision for quite a while but a point is reached where Enpass is the only app that is constantly blocking any workflow and I'm considering to move back to the competition even though I have to go with subscriptions. @Abhishek Dewan @Garima Singh @Pratyush Sharma @Gulshan Dogra Please let us know what the timeframe for fixing this is so one can choose to migrate to something else if it does take too long.
  3. It's true that no-one here can really estimate the amount of work that is required to port Enpass to the next major version of Qt however my main concern here is that it already took several years to NOT fix the search-lag-issues as well as the blocking-issue when Enpass is in the progress of syncing (meanwhile the app is almost unusable). So I am desperately waiting for a native version as I am hoping this might also affect those issues..
  4. yes, this is still the case – searching for "slow" in the forum will get you a lot of results.. - syncing does not seem to be async and blocks the app if in progress - search is painfully slow in both the main app and browser widget - both Intel and Apple Silicon machines are affected (I experienced this on more than six different setups)
  5. @Gulshan Dogra I think this is affecting all users (I know other Enpass users who all encounter the same issue, all with 1500+ entries in their single vaults) – in my opinion this should be worked on with the highest priority as it really massively affects usability and is straightforward "visible" to anyone.. Even though I paid multiple times for Enpass already (iOS, mac, pro + premium) I also think about switching back to 1Password as this is not only annoying but blocking my workflow and often enough these app freezes lead to a crash of the whole app. WiFi Sync etc. are nice features but this – adding / editing / searching for passwort-entries – is core-functionality of a password manager.
  6. Same thing here (since day one..), currently 6.6.3 (840) MAS running on macOS 11.4 (had this issue with previous versions on Catalina as well) - Sync via Webdav seems to cause extreme lagging when updating/editing and copying entries as syncing seems to "block" the app - VERY slow search in the Main Window - VERY slow search in any Browser Extension - Browser-Extension-Window often needs to be closed and re-opened in order to show matching elements Total number of vaults: 1 Enabled to show all counts for the sidebar: No
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