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  1. In addition, if you go to Preferences > General, the phrase "Unlock Feedback" is incorrectly translated as "Desbloquear Comentarios", which is really confusing and totally wrong. "Unlock Feedback" should be "Sonido de desbloqueo" I also found some other mistakes in Preferences > Advanced. "Cambiar Ubicación" should be "Cambiar ubicación" "Usar el lenguaje del dispositivo" should be "Usar idioma del dispositivo" "Administrar la Configuración" should be "Administrar configuración"
  2. Hello. I was trying to import my 1Password vault to enpass. I found this documentation: https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop-mac/import_1password.html But, it appears to be slightly out of date. For one, the menu options don't match the docs. Whereas, if you look at the screenshot, enpass has two different options. 1Password (Agilekeychain) 1Password (OPVault) For me, 1Password exported my vault as a directory: `1Password 2017-01-09, 07_37 PM (290 items and 2 folders).1pif`. I tried to import the directory with both 1Password modes, but neither of them would enable the "Open" button in the import dialog. What finally worked for me was when I imported `1Password 2017-01-09, 07_37 PM (290 items and 2 folders).1pif/data.1pif`. Meaning, import the file `data.1pif`, which was _inside_ of the exported vault directory that 1Password created. Using the "Agilekeychain" import mode worked. The "OPVault" option didn't work. Hopefully, this unblocks anyone trying to migrate from 1Password to enpass. Also, can someone please update the docs? 1Password: v6.5.3; enpass: v5.4.1; macOS: v10.12.3
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