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  1. It did it again with ebay when it was asking for a TOTP security code sent over the phone it suggested credit cards. I do not have TOTP setup for anything in EnPass btw.
  2. Did it again while signing up for Github Mojave MacOS EnPass 6.7.4 Firefox latest plugins: ublockorigin, enpass, Night Reader, FF multi account container, i dont care about cookies , Enhanced protection setting set to Strict
  3. more feature requests: Ability to delete entry in the mini assistant (good for double entries when creating a new password/login) email category on the side in the mini assistant . currently it has Favorites , Credit Cards, and IDs. EDIT: I just noticed there is no "email" category in EnPass . I think one should exist since people usually sign up to things with emails.
  4. already enabled. Its doing it again on boardgamearena.com . Its showing ID instead of emails in the email field.
  5. As you can see in the image, EnPass is suggesting credit cards for phone numbers in the microsoft phone verification page.
  6. MacOS Mojave Enpass 6.7.4 Firefox 96.0.3 I have ublock origin, night reader, I do not care about cookies, FF multi container, and Enhanced tracking protection set to STRICT Same issue on brave and safari for that specific site I mentioned. I tried Nike and Amazon and I did get the "save as webform" option.
  7. at what point then would I want to disable "Match URL Hostname" ? isn't it easier just to show everything from "domain.com" ?
  8. thank you the website I am refering to is this: https://qpay.credimax.com.bh/ There seems no "Save as webform" option for me.
  9. I too intersted to know if Enpass can fill other fields than username and password if not maybe build it in the future. I am not sure how these managers figure out which field is which any way
  10. So Enpass is limited to filling usernames and passwords only?
  11. What did you not like about Stickypassword because I never tried that app and I am skeptical.
  12. i am interested to know which email app is that and which podcast app? I think you already tried those notes apps but i heard about Obsidian and Bear. Maybe check the alternativeto.net website
  13. I did much research and found that :- Enpass is the only app that sells a license, multiplatform, nice GUI, and lets you store you vault where you want with WiFi sync. This is Enpass wining card here. The app is 70-80% there it only needs some bug fixes, some ironing out, and some polish. I guess the best thing we can do for Enpass is to advertise it and tell our friends about it. They can do some marketing too. Unfortunately , password managers are kind of like email where if you pick one you just end up sticking with it forever. There is also Codebook which I do not feel the developers behind it are serious or dedicated to it and Stickypassword which has a $200 lifetime purchase (albeit reasonable if it means 30+ years of updates) and even more obscure than Enpass but their software might be very good I have no idea, they claim they have been around since 2001. I think we can all agree we need more Enpass user base so maybe they can do some marketing and be the anti-1password but first impressions are important and bring back that cmd+\ that everyone loves!
  14. I have absolutely no idea why in the world did EnPass offer me to fill Credit Card info on Startpage search field bar. I can tell you that I disabled the "exact domain match" in the settings because Enpass did not recognise my "protonmail.com" login because the actually login page was "https://account.protonmail.com/login" In addition, I do not see a reason for this exact domain thing. Most sites have 1 login account which works site wide if it was on domain.com or xxx.domain.com. As long the domain.com is present it should present the correlated login. 1Password does not have an extra option for this and neither do I think other password managers do. Maybe there is a reason, I do not know!
  15. I have a bank website with different type of data for input , not the usual username+password fields. is there a way to teach Enpass to autofill it? 1password could not do it but I messed around with the login template in a way that it finally was able to do so , but the same messing around did not work with Enpass for me (imported) isn't there a way to autofill a form then "save" it as is then Enpass can just refill it each time?
  16. The problem with Bitwarden is that it stores the data in the cloud which I do not feel is safe. Also the GUI is ugly. Enpass imported 1password data much smoother. Also it doesn't have the most important shortcut for me : cmd+\ (ctrl+\) . But if I find Enpass with continued trouble and problems, I guess I have to move to Bitwarden finally. you are a good man KeePassXC is one ugly GUI and complicated to use.
  17. I thanks for this, but those work arounds should not be used if EnPass team can just make things easy to understand . "On logout " should be an option. One of the things I found about Enpass is that its not so new user friendly , its a bit more complicated and have to dig deeper to figure out things. Enpass has a golden chance to take up the people leaving 1password after it became a forced subscription and its one of the few apps that sells license AND stores info locally and via Wifi. I hope they do not mess up this chance. Nice to see other users like you enthusiastic about the product but hopefully the Enpass team gets enthusiastic about it too. Otherwise new competition will be created and others will flock to other services like Robofarm, PasswordBoss, KeeWeb, Bitwarden, StickyPassword, and Dashlane.
  18. EnPass currently has grade E on ToSdr.org for privacy+security which is the same grade of FaceBook! This does not look good for Enpass. https://tosdr.org/en/service/1575 You may want to address any issues or misunderstandings with them!
  19. Currently EnPass now requires me to enter the master password each time I put my screen to sleep which is very annoying because I put my computer to sleep multiple times a day. How can I make it require the master password only on user log out?
  20. well I wasn't talking about JUST autofill , I was saying if the competition is doing something right it does not mean to stay on the worse way. Great looking GUI is part of the reason many people choose apps and one of the reasons that makes 1password so successful just compare Bitwarden GUI to 1password. I mean , look at the categories page on enpass vs 1password and tell me which one looks better and more legible please ignore the low resolution. thank you
  21. Well if you are saying that you have dropped the shortcut cmd+\ then part of the reason I chose EnPass over other password managers that it enabled me to use this shortcut (which was only possible via SHIFT+cmd+\ on Bitwarden) I can not recommend this password manager for friends and others online over 1password any more because other than transferring the data from 1pif (which was smooth) I have been struggling to make this app work. The more people struggle the more likely the flock to other password manager (and recommend it) because "it just works" and that was my experience with 1password previously.
  22. anyone found a solution for? cmd+\ was part of the reason I chose Enpass over other password managers. which password manager did you switch to?
  23. I switched from 1password to enpass recently. On Safari:- I used the shortcut cmd+\ . Now when I go to a website and go to a specific field and click "cmd+\" I get the EnPass assistant with the suggested login item, then I have to click ↓ then "enter" . After that I have to repeat for the password, assuming the password entry is on the second page. how do I click "cmd+\" and have everything just autofilled for me without the extra pop-ups and arrow keys? Safari 14.1.2 + adguard for safari On FireFox:- I choose cmd+\ for my autofill shortcut but says "invalid combination" in fact every combination I tried says invalid combination. the drop down menu works though. Firefox 96.0.2 + ublock origin + idont care about cookies + dark reader + Enhanced Tracking Protection(Strict)
  24. Not necessarily, if the competition is doing something in a better way than you are you should adopt it too. So for example if 1password offers autofill, there is no reason for EnPass to say "we will remain just a password storage app, because we do not want to be a 1PW clone".
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