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  1. is this similar to 1Password Mini? Does Enpass have to always be on to work with the browser extensions? Is EnPass electron app and will I have performance hit on my computer with having it on all the time?
  2. I tried using EnPass but the extension in browser is not working, only works in EnPass app is open. 1Password has something called 1Password mini that is always open.
  3. Hello I am looking for 1Password replacement(after going subscription) the closest thing I found is Enpass especially with the shortcuts. I tried the autofill but it does not autofill. It brings up a mini window then you have to choose that 1 login username by doing ↓ then click enter then repeat for the password if on the next page. Using 1password if I click cmd+\ it fills all the fields automatically, it even fills the password if the password field loads on the next page like on Amazon website. Am I doing something wrong or is EnPass incapable of this?
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