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  1. Basically all of them, all my banking apps TD, NBC my Synology apps (DS File, DS Photo) and any app that requires username/password to login
  2. Hello, I just did a fresh install of Enpass Pro (v. on a Oneplus 9 with Android 13 (OxygenOS 13) and when i try to login to apps either the Enpass icon does not show up to have the fields auto filled or it does but will not fill the password field. All Autofill settings in Enpass are set properly. Any updates on when this issue will be resolved ?
  3. I just got a new Oneplus 9 phone with Android 13, installed Enpass V. and can confirm that Enpass fills the username field but NOT the password field on any app. Is there any ETR for this issue ?
  4. i change my email according the the steps provided but now i have a Enpass Lite license instead of pro lifetime. How do i get my Pro liftime license back?
  5. Hello I need to change my lifetime license registered email, what do i need to do? I will be losing access to my current registered email.
  6. Can you add ProtonDrive as a Sync Option.
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