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  1. I come from 1password and looking to suggest improvements. I'll go directly to point. For macos+iOS


    • need cmd+O to anchor an entry when using the Enpass assisstant. THis is how it works on 1password
    • I think you need to do similar to 1password where you have "quit EnPass" and "quit Enpass completely" the second kills the assisstant app (mini) no need to show the app in the dock OR toolbar. You can always invoke it using cmd+alt+\
    • current enpass has a small icon to copy the field, I think the whole icon should be clickable to copy the field thats how 1pass does it
    • Possible search filters are: Titles, Passwords, Fields. There must have to be an "EVERYTHING" option and a way to set it as default.
    • on iOS, the touchid icon is very far app, should be the default option if one enabled it. So it always unlocks using touch id
    • need a way to re-arrange favorites
    • on iOS,  change the icon color from sky blue , there are a ton of apps like that which at least of are twitter, mail,app store, test flight
    • on iOS, clicking a field should auto copy it. Current behaviour: click-> show green copy button to the right->click button
    • on iOS, favorites should have side scrolling fields where on tap it auto copies the field. Thats how it is on 1password.
    • On iOS, A search field should always be there on top every where for easy access/search
    • the favicon should display on the entry (when you click a specific login item)
    • the "weak passwords" and other warning are very annoying to be on top each time, maybe put it down and have a close option (X)
    • LIcensed apps in the  licensed group should have the app icon of each app
    • the computer category is confusing, whats password for computers? meanwhile there seems to be no wifi or network category
    • The overall app needs GUI improvement, its a little bit too raw looking its not as pleasant to look at as 1password. Their icons are at least more colorful and more descriptive.The Misc. has a travel bag icon? the software license has a photo ID? but the Identities has an msn looking icon? needs work I think. 1password has favicons that fill the whole icon, some of yours are low res. favicon on a dull grey background. Example: Alibaba.com , brave.com , discord, ebay, NextDNS, Quora, Reddit.
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  2. Issue#1

    hello. I am trying to setup enpass as I come from 1password, I purchased a license. I am trying to setup the autofil shortcut to " cmd+\ " which is the default for 1password. I setup enpass as my default password manager on firefox(not sure what this do).

    Its not working. I went into the extension settings (image bellow) I type in cmd+\  in the field "Autofill or Show Enpass" it says invalid combination. actually what I see is cmd+K for some reason. also how can i setup cmd+\ for safari? 1password has this working for everything all you need to do is install the 1password extension and thats it.

    Also all other password managers have their extension on firefox extension store, except enpass.

    I have ublock Origin installed.

    Firefox: latest 96.0.3

    Safari: 14.1.2

    Enpass: 6.7.4

    OSX: Mojave



  3. 23 hours ago, Gulshan Dogra said:


    We have implemented two options in Preferences -> General:

    • Hide dock icon when main window is closed.
    • Open automatically at login.

    By enabling these two, Enpass can be quickly accessed from menu bar icon and browser extensions. 

    is this similar to 1Password Mini?

    Does Enpass have to always be on to work with the browser extensions?

    Is EnPass electron app and will I have performance hit on my computer with having it on all the time?

  4. 18 hours ago, Gulshan Dogra said:

    Hi @flyingbirds,

    Welcome to the Enpass community.

    We do have this feature where you can autofill the logins using keyboard shortcuts, your default keyboard shortcut for auto-filling is CTRL+/. You can create the shortcuts from your browser extension settings. Also would suggest you to enable Match URL hostname from the browser settings of Enpass.


    I tried using EnPass but the extension in browser is not working, only works in EnPass app is open. 1Password has something called 1Password mini that is always open.

  5. Hello I am looking for 1Password replacement(after going subscription) the closest thing I found is Enpass especially with the shortcuts. I tried the autofill but it does not autofill. It brings up a mini window then you have to choose that 1 login username by doing  ↓ then click enter then repeat for the password if on the next page.

    Using 1password if I click cmd+\ it fills all the fields automatically, it even fills the password if the password field loads on the next page like on Amazon website. Am I doing something wrong or is EnPass incapable of this?

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