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  1. and totp for autentication in acess database ?
  2. Please when the enpass will have this login feature with a password layer and a token layer randomly generated with time, I have 3 clients where I offered the enpass and everyone refused because they need this extra layer of security and also option to register multiple Passwords with read permission only in the registers, I await a response please, thank you.
  3. I meant that enpass could have a password in read-only mode to access only to read and what I find most important and consider a vulnerability is the fact every time I need to add a new need to register to enter the password to add , I think interesting if it had a unique password to add new entries, and when it was entered this password the User would have access to a temporary folder within the enpass only to add new entries , like a " append" , and then the admin eat master password accept or not these new entries in enpass
  4. I would suggest an idea , in addition to option d emulti vault, could also tert option in a single vault have various levels of access with priorities as a password for read-only , etc ... also multiple vaults on a single file , also a unique password to add entries , poir example , I use enpass with browser addon to add new entries but every time I add a new entry I have to retype the password , I believe this can open loopholes for programs intercepting the password quanbdo you type it all the time , could adiiconar a password only to add data , when it was typed adicionasse the new entyrada if browser recovered password to a temporary folder within the vault and then in time and appropriate you condition could accept or not this entry to add fixedly entering the vault , thank you. ....sorry bad english.. google translated
  5. this in its roadmap enpass add two-factor security to login in enpass vault . t?
  6. could have a sub password to add entries in a temporary database where then would enter the master password only to save the database and original data , I went through a situation where I had to authenticate to an unknown computer to add some data, could place too option to add temporary passwords. "google translated"
  7. please would like to implement a key or file for authentication beyond just the password ? and can also add 2 -factor authentication to open the keychain sorry bad english
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