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  1. I use the Windows store version and it was 6.4.1. Could it be Microsoft hasn’t updated the store?
  2. I am using the Windows Store version. It seems up to date. with version 6.4.1 (642). Firefox extension is 4.2.0. New login is not auto added.
  3. I reviewed the manual and have the extension enabled. It works to fill logins but doesn’t offer to save a new one.
  4. I see this problem in iOS with safari iPhone and iPad. Version current iOS and enpass. Also with windows 10 using Firefox Current versions of all.
  5. Sure. I can wait for a fix as long as I know the problem is being worked on. Thanks for the update
  6. Looks like this was never fixed. I want to switch from 1Password, but this is stopping me.
  7. Creating a sample is hard to do with Roboform as it only allows one database. Any suggestions on how to get you a failing sample?
  8. I am having the same problem importing Robofrom Safenotes using Empass 6.0.4 and Roboform I am only using English. Identities and logins import with no problem. I also found the problem of default file type for the import not to be html or htm.
  9. Good to know it is in your roadmap. You have many exciting improvements in the roadmap. I am looking forward to your future releases.
  10. Some sites have rules on which special characters can be used in their password. They also require special character in the password. I don't see a way to select which characters are used, so I have to keep refreshing until I get an acceptable password or use another generator.
  11. Using an editor making a mass change to the saved html wouldn't be too hard. I do notice that you put all the questions in a Q&A folder. Is there a way to remove entries from the audit with out changing the password answer field?
  12. Thanks for the reply. The cloud password would be stored in the local database encrypted by the master password. Isn't there a separate database called dropbox.db? And isn't that the one synced to dropbox. Even with the above I am not disputing that a separate password is not possible.
  13. Good to hear that this feature is on the roadmap. Would it be possible to post your roadmap? Not a timeline. I would understand a roadmap is not a commitment to a feature.
  14. I would like to suggest having separate encryption for cloud syncing . This would enable have a really long password for the cloud. I use a non trivial password, but it is not nearly as secure as a random 30 character mixed case and symbols would be. mSecure currently has this feature but is dropping cloud sync with its next release. I don't know how difficult this would be to implement but since you already use a separate file for sync I hope it would be easy enough to add to your road map. It would give me a better sense of security knowing my cloud file had a very secure password.
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