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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan,

    I can understand @Fadi and also understand the decision. I must also honestly say that because of this missing feature, I can no longer guarantee to stay with Enpass forever. You know that a password (what you know) alone is no longer considered secure nowadays. Yes, Enpass uses the key file as a second factor (which it must have) but that is honestly too easy to compromise. If you follow your update cycle, version 6.9.0 should be coming soon and version 7.0.0 sometime in May / June 2023. Maybe your developers will manage to implement 2FA for Enpass themselves by then. That would be a great feature for version 7.0.0, right?

  2. Hello @Abhishek Dewan,

    exactly this feature for the same reasons as @Fadi I would also like to see in Enpass. It's no secret that a password is no longer considered secure these days. Also, the option of a key file is better than just a password, but as @Fadi notes, this is of no use if you have caught an encryption Trojan that encrypts all drives (including connected USB sticks). Therefore, a 2FA for Enpass itself would be a much better option. I would be very happy if this option can be implemented in a timely manner.

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