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  1. A new update and again not able to sync over Wi-Fi. Please improve your software testing. It seems like there are major problems with how you release software updates. I really like Enpass but so often new updates just breaks a core feature like sync.

  2. Over two weeks now with a completely borked update. I would consider rolling back to the previous version. Really not acceptable that a core feature breaks like this. This version was launched for your business offering. As someone who runs a business I do not gain trust to pay for a business subscription given how lightly this issue have been tackled. Very little information. Barely able to confirm the issue on Twitter. A very serious bug and two weeks of radio silence. I run a software company myself and for such a serious bug I would just roll back to the previous version. This together with your outdated external security audit makes it difficult for me to trust Enpass with a business subscription. I know fixing bugs can be difficult but please improve how you communicate such issues.

  3. It is the Enpass Safari browser extension.

    It is a generic issue. Many sites require SMS login in addition to username+password. So 2FA but with SMS. Enpass has stored an entry for the URL with username/password. But after the login there is a code input from SMS. This code input often has autocomplete="one-time-code" attribute on the HTML input. IMHO Enpass browser extension should not trigger for such fields. it is not a password field and Enpass does not have 2FA secret code stored for the URL entry. In such cases it is highly likely that the code is supplied with SMS. Thus Enpass should not auto-trigger for input fields with autocomplete="one-time-code".

  4. The Enpass widget popups for 2FA SMS inputs and will overlay browser 2FA autofill widget. I suggest that Enpass should not auto-trigger for input with autocomplete="one-time-code". If this input is for OTP from Enpass then this value would be in the clipboard after the login and thus should also not need the widget. So I don't see much value in showing the Enpass widget for this type of input?

  5. I'm having the same issue. It works after I disconnect and add it again with a qr code. So annoying to do this all the time, the wifi sync is very unreliable. Given that it works with a new qr code setup it doesn't seem like there would be any connection issue, rather a bug with the app.

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