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  1. A few minutes ago I updated a password in Enpass. I confirmed the popup to auto update the corresponding entry and then realized that ALL fields with the type "password" got overwritten, e.g. backup codes and recovery codes. Thanks to the ability of viewing the history I could save the loss. But this seems to be a big fat bug...!!
  2. Is there any news on this one? @Abhishek Dewan
  3. Okay, thank you! When this is the expected behaviour, I have to live with this.
  4. When I update a password entry and click save, there is no possibility to remove a previously (and abandoned) password. This happens e.g. if the website tells me that sign x or y is not supported and I have to finetune the input. Is there / will there be a way to do that?
  5. Hey @Manish Chokwal, is there any progress on this? There were several updates from then and still no info. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey @Gulshan Dogra, is there any progress on this?
  7. I never ever need the information saved in "Show Webfom". I would appreciate, if it could not even be stored. At the moment I delete this manually.
  8. When I copy or move an entry from one vault to another, the last modified and created date gets a new timestamp (now). This is not the behaviour I would expect. At least the create date must stay the same as the original entry. What about the last changed password? Can I rely on the password audit anymore?
  9. I could not reproduce the issue on purpose. But I am not sure it works now. I will definitely have an eye on this!
  10. Windows 10 21H2, iOS 15.6.1 and MacOS 12.5.1. I am using 4 vaults with a total of 183 records. I am using 2x WebDAV, iCloud and OneDrive. The second entry in the screenshot is not duplicated.
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