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  1. You are not interested in changing this annoying thing about Enpass. Since OVER 4 years! 4 Years! You really must be kidding! Are you even interested in doing anything what annoys your customers? Really ... this is an absolute no go! Panel Resizing
  2. They will never answer to this ... they are not interested in changing anything which annoys their customers!
  3. Your support and service is nothing than a total joke! You really must be kidding. 4! years. 4! for the implementation of this important change. Really ... this is nuts.
  4. The first entrance off this topic was on Oktober 2019. You need 3 years! for this? This is an absolute no-go! We are developing software by ourselves. With such an intense demand for a very important and necessary request, we never would do this you our customers.
  5. Hi Team. Please, please, please make it possible to change the width of the middle column. It is necessary for very long usernames ... . Thanks in advance.
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