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  1. thank you, Gulshan Dogra, I see that, but it's been a moving target lately with two recent OS updates. I have upgraded both of my Macs to 10.14.6 and, if I can get them to sync again using either iCloud or Wi-Fi, I'm assuming that I won't need to upgrade again to keep Enpass working. I still have some 32 bit only software. Thank you again...David
  2. I've been unable to sync my various Mac devices using iCloud Drive or Wi-Fi Sync because one of my Macs was running an old OS. So last week I found that I needed to upgrade the computer to OS Sierra. This morning I upgraded to Sierra and downloaded Enpass from the App Store and clicked Install. Guess what? Today, just one week later, the minimum OS is Mojave, 10.14.6. Will it be a newer OS next week? I like Enpass, but this a real pain, and I don't want to upgrade to a 64 bit OS.
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