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  1. I would really love this feature! Timestamp for "Last used" also like last edited and created would be good.
  2. Same here - guys, wtf are you doing, we're sliding from one bug to another, what's this? I think I'll switch to 1password or Dashlane. Very annoying.
  3. Had no more problems like this since last update. Did you find and fix this issue?
  4. Did it exactly like that - Today, new passwords got overwritten by old ones again.
  5. Same here. Interesting fact that I'm not the only one with this chaos of syncing. Last update messed it up I guess.
  6. Hello, 1. item password 2. Of course all devices are synced with the same cloud account 3. Same date and time on all devices 4. This method didn't work either. Enpass replaced new entries with old ones. I had to delete all enpass data from iCloud twice, now it seems to be working, but I'm skeptical that this chaos could happen again to be honest. I've lost a bit of confidence in Enpass. => Found this, I think he has the same problem.
  7. Hey there, every time I set up a password in Enpass on Windows or phone or tablet, I save and sync. Then I sync on the other devices and they're not updating the password - much worse, they set up the OLD password to the other devices again. What the...? - After this, I tried to delete all data from iCloud and the devices itself and tried again with a backup. Same problem. Why is this sync so bugged since last update? Because of this, I had to recover my passwords on over 200 sites again and again. Not funny!
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