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  1. Hi! i have just installed 6.8.5 beta version, and.... no luck. Problem persists if the auto-fill feature is activated..... i hope a fix will be found soon
  2. Hi, I had same issue with inconstant spinning wheel. When i disabled in browser extension the 'Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu' i have no more freezes. But, perhaps it's not the same issue in your case....
  3. Try to disable the 'Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu' feature => it should work.
  4. hi, thanks @datarepos, i have disabled "Show popup menu to auto-fill" setting as suggested and everything is working fine, no freeze anymore. but, i'd like to use the autofill feature, so i hope an update will be delivered soon.
  5. Hi, Something new this morning that can eventually help you. On my principal vault, i have a sync issue with this code : 915993. My other vault is syncing fine on the same webdav server. I hope it helps. Thanks
  6. So, i did more investigations. If i disconnect both vaults from webdav : NO ISSUE. Enpass is working fine. If I connect only one or both vaults : ISSUE is back. It's not working on safari and Firefox (i have not tested with other browsers). So, it seems to have something to do with webdav. My webdav server is a personnal one, on my diskstation (synology NAS). Tell me if you need more details Thanks
  7. Hi, In my case, there are 2 vaults connected to a webdav server. My principal vault has 151 elements and 1 attachment. The other one has 161 elements and 2 attachments. Principal vault size : 3,1 Mo / other : 1,9 Mo I hope it helps. Thanks again
  8. Hi, Have you tested these sites ? any news ? Thanks for answeri
  9. Hi @Abhishek Dewan for example : this one : site 1 or this one : site 2 thanks to investigate
  10. Hi, any news about this issue ?
  11. Hi, it's exactly the same behaviour i have as allready noted there (still no answer at this time...) : I have to add that i have tested with safari and firefox : same problem. So it doesn't seem to be a browser extension bug.
  12. I have exactly same problem. Most of the time, safari browser extension is working fine, but with some sites (my bank site for example), when i clic on the extension, nothing happens and Enpass app starts heating all my CPU and freezes. I have to force quit the app, then open again. Then login is working as long as i don't refresh the page. Just after retarting the app, if i refresh my webpage : once again the app freezes. I have enabled and disabled autofill option : same behaviour. I have tried with the app store version and with the site one : same behaviour I have downloaded the beta one (6.8.4 (1165)) : same behaviour. And i am working with M1 Macbook pro and latest ventura software. Thanks for your help
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