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  1. Adding to this question... I don't agree that requiring the password on initial logins after restarting the app, the device or after updating it adds security if touch ID is turned on. The OS takes care of that when your OS password is required then. It's annoying and all other apps that support touch ID do not behave that way. i have to log into another app, using touch ID, copy the master password, then paste it. Or I could type it, but it's long and complicated. This subjects my master password to key loggers or having my master password in the clipboard. The fewer times I have to enter my master password, the more secure it is.
  2. I prefer my method. So, far it works every time. I've gone through a series of restarts and all devices are connecting without issue. One thing to note. I've had issues with password being required on a restart rather than Touch ID. Once I disabled Apple Watch and only use Touch ID, it works.
  3. I have the same issue, but I think the problem might be the router. If you have your Mac getting an IP dynamically, it may change on a boot/restart. I think, instead of using an IP to identify the WiFi Sync Server, the Enpass should use network name. However, I am currently testing reserving the IP for my Mac and will see if that resolves the issue. If that doesn't work, the sync process times out after a few minutes. If you're quick, you can disconnect the device from WiFi Sync and reconnect with the QR code
  4. Has this issue been resolved? I've a new version notice from the Mac AppStore and am reluctant to install it until it's verified to be stable. Thanks!
  5. I have local vault with Wi-Fi sync on my Mac. The error is Sync Error: Password of data on Wi-Fi Sync Server is required. When I click on Resolve Now and enter my password it says Incorrect Password. I get the same messages on my iOS devices. When I click Options on my Mac and get the QR Code, the iOS devices reject the code. This happened after I updated to 13.2.1 VenturaOS This may be related, I have updated macOS before and when I reboot after the update Enpass just requires my TouchID to log in. This time with 13.2.1, TouchID was not enabled and it required my master password. I entered it and got in, however I now have this problem. Apple M1 Pro
  6. The browser extension dropdown shows items that are not related to logging into a website. For example, Identity, Password and License items. Allow exclusion by item type, category, etc. Or items without Username, Password and Website.
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