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  1. Just had a quick look Shlomi and neither my Intel Mac mini nor my M2 Pro Mac mini have Full Disk Access enabled for Enpass. Both machines are running Venture 13.5.1 and Enpass 6.9.0 (Mac App Store version).
  2. I'm pretty sure this "bug" has been there for a very very long time.
  3. FYI: Purchased a new Mac mini Pro last month and I'm already up to 1.4GB of those temporary files. Apple M2 Pro Ventura 13.3.1 (a) Empass 6.8.6 (1360)
  4. Just an FYI Abhishek: I have the same problem: Mac Mini Pro M2: 2023 Ventura 13.3 Enpass: 6.8.5 (1256)
  5. That's great to hear, Abhishek.
  6. Great stuff, thanks. Just as an afterthought, the reason I suspect, that the Asset file count had been building up since November is because that was when I upgraded from Monterey to Ventura.
  7. Hi Abhishek Mac Enpass 6.8.5 (1256) macOS Ventura: 13.2.1
  8. I was wondering why my Mac's boot drive was shrinking and found 8GB of what I assume to be Enpass temporary files. The files are located in User/<name>/Library/Containers/Enpass/Data/Library/Caches/CloudKit/<folder name>/Assets Enpass is writing at least one 2MB file every 10 minutes. There were files in there going back to November of last year and, as I say, as of today, this totalled 8GB of data. Surely this is unnecessary? Or if these files are necessary, then clearly housekeeping is not being done properly. Any thoughts?
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