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  1. Hi @Vinod Kumar I think I have an issue with universal search. It seems to ignore email addresses containing a + sign. For example: myname+something(at)tld, which you can do with Gmail. However, the search doesn't find anything if I look for myname+something(at)tld even though the fields option is selected. Thanks!
  2. Dear Enpass Team Thanks for the 6.0 update! I just upgraded from 5.6 to 6.0 using the Microsoft Store. I can't find an option/setting to add a keyfile. I tried "Settings -> Security -> Change Master Password" but there was no option to add a keyfile during that process. How can a add a keyfile to an existing vault? Thanks!
  3. Same behavior for me (also Nexus 5X @ 7.1.2). Otherwise thanks for releasing the beta with O autofill support! I think I am going to switch to Android O DP3 to test it
  4. Awesome! I am really looking forward to this. As gaetawoo, I am also curious about how well it will work in browsers other than Chrome, in my case the TugaBrowser (https://labs.xda-developers.com/store/app/tugapower.codeaurora.browser) which is also based on Chrome. With TugaBrowser, I also have to search for my credentials manually, it says "No login found for codeaurora.tugapower", no matter what website is visit. Anyway, thanks again for already giving us a first look at the upcoming Autofill framework, it's good to know you are as excited about it as I am.
  5. +1 for the Autofill API of Android O. This would be awesome! Hope you can get it in your development roadmap for the Android app
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