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  1. Hello @Anshu kumar I'm running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, yes. And the app does not require master password when I just open it but in the specified case of not entering my fingerprint. It falls back to master password the next time I open it. It takes my decision not to swipe my finger and click a Home or Back button as an invalid fingerprint for some reason. Hope my explanation makes more sense now. Best regards, Antoniy
  2. I've missed that flow somehow. Thank you for pointing that out!
  3. +1 for this feature from me as well. I want to add that I need the multiline text area to support the "sensitive" flag as well so it won't show the content without explicitly say so, as the other fields support that.
  4. Hello, I would like to have the ability to delete fields I do not used or I've created and don't want anymore. Best regards, Antoniy
  5. Hello, I observe a strange behavior on my Samsung Note 3 while using the fingerprint feature. When I'm presented to enter my fingerprint and I decide not to deal with that at the moment for some reason (will give sample use-cases below), the next time I open the app's activity, I'm no longer presented with fingerprint challenge but asked for my master password. It bugs me that the master password isn't that easy to enter on mobile and this use-case is not rare for me to hit. Scenario 1 (easy to reproduce): I manually lock the app from the side menu. I'm immediately presented an activity to enter my fingerprint. I obviously want to leave the app and hit "Home" button. This cause the app to fallback to master password authentication the next time I open it. Scenario 2: When I wonder inside the app. Start creating item, discard it with a back button, the app also presents me with fingerprint screen. If I decide to ignore it and leave, I cause the master password fallback again. Bottom line - if I don't unlock the app from fingerprint screen, I cause a fallback. And I'm obligated to do that if I don't want to write master password the next time. Can this be fixed? Best regards, Antoniy
  6. Hello, I very much liked the TOTP functionality added to the software. I cannot help but imagine to have a separate presentation screen from the actual items that will look like the existing authenticator apps and will list all TOTPs I have in my vault. It will greatly improve the usability on mobile. It might be nice to have on the desktop app but not as necessary as the mobile app. I imagine it will be a total replacement for my other authenticators, providing similar nice presentation and usability, as well as still encrypted and synchronized across my devices. Will be nice to see how other people feel about that as well. Best regards, Antoniy
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