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  1. Thank you, That was it, I turned off the battery saver setting and enpass is still logged in after around 5 hrs. Thanks again
  2. Hello, Everything worked fine in android 9 but as soon as I upgraded to android 10 on Feb 5, 2021 Enpass quits or restarts after about 5 hrs and the master password is needed to log back in. My locking settings are "lock after 10 min." unlock with a PIN and that's it. Android 9 would stay logged in for days or until I changed it. I'm on a Oneplus 5t with LinageOS 17.1 and Enpass Is anyone else seeing this? What's the problem? maybe upgrade to 6.6.3 Thanks and good day to you
  3. If you have a backup file already, In android so to settings for enpass and delete the cache and Data and force stop the app. Then start the app again, there will be options to choose, pick the internal storage if that is where your backup is located and click on your backup. Until they upgrade to this feature this is the only way to get a backup installed. I hope this helps.
  4. troypulk

    Server Error

    It's working now.
  5. troypulk

    Server Error

    When updating this morning I got the following Error: Err:2 http://repo.sinew.in/testing testing InRelease Could not resolve 'repo.sinew.in' Err:3 http://repo.sinew.in stable InRelease Could not resolve 'repo.sinew.in' Has this changed? When will this be fixed? Thanks
  6. Feature Request Please add the ability to restore from backup and create categories. Thanks
  7. What custom ROM and phone do you have? I have a oneplus one that is rooted using LinageOS 15.1 and android 8.1 with no issues. Are you sure it's crashing because of enpass? which enpass are you using? Installing a app is pretty straight forward as you know, maybe it's conflicting with another app? Use the app "Force-Stop it!" and close all app's except the system apps and see if it crashes.
  8. This error comes up when I copy a link to the clipboard and then go into enpass. The first time it was the share link in the desktop enpass and then to e-mail, I have done this several times to test but the error still comes up, I think this is a bug. I'm running a OnePlus One with LineageOS 14.1-20180613 Nightly-bacon with Android 7.1.2 But now every time I go into the android enpass I get this error no matter what I do. "Shared Item that you are trying to add is either invalid or corrupt" I think the android enpass reads the clipboard no matter what's in it, I think in order to avoid this the clipboard needs to be cleared.
  9. Update: It finally recognized a link and when I open Enpass on my phone I get this error: "Shared Item that you are trying to add is either invalid or corrupt" Why does it do this? Thanks
  10. I downloaded the android version and only need about 10 items from my main Enpass on Linux. I tried to share from my PC Linux to Android but android doesn't detect the link in the clipboard. How do I add to the android Enpass from Linux with out doing it manually? Thanks
  11. How exactly does this work? It says This makes no sense, what password field? what context menu? Thanks
  12. So what? isn't 1password opensource?
  13. Where do i find the change log for this BETA version? Where can I download it manually? Thanks
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