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  1. Folks if you want a fully audited and open source tool with multi-platform support (desktop, phone, browser), why not go with Bitwarden? Downsides: mainly one dev, and uses it's own cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure. Everything has pros and cons. PS - Am not affiliated with Bitwarden by the way, just a new user there.
  2. The problem persists. No logs are generated. No autofill happens. Do your technicians have a real solution or you will keep copy-pasting your FAQs here?
  3. @Vinod Kumar You guys seem to have serious issues trying to debug this, please have a look at this thread to get a better understanding of what is most likely causing this error:
  4. This is a very unfortunate and unprofessional oversight from the developers. File locations are a simple test, yet after 1 week of reporting bugs to the devs, they haven't resolved this
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