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  1. hello garima, thanks for forwarding the suggestion. did you get any feedback? will it be implemented? enpass is really great, but every time i have to update, correct or delete an entry, i really miss this feature. no in-place editing needed. only an "edit in enpass" menu entry. thanks, oskar
  2. hello there, does nobody have an idea of what could cause this behavior? nb: what i didn't say is that the app is always open in the background and i restart down my pc only for windows updates. when it happens i quit enpass and restart it and sync works again. bye, oskar
  3. +1 (or at least open main app with the item already selected)
  4. hello, i am a happy enpass user on ios, mac and windows. the database is synced over webdav with my nas at home. webdav is not directly reachable over internet, so from outside i connect through vpn. everything works fine, except on my work pc with windows 10 64bit. from work i have a permanent vpn connection to home and immediately after starting the app, enpass is able to sync without any problem. but after some time enpass is running (can be days), it does not sync anymore. when opening the app it shows the sync spinner rotating but it will never finish. after quitting enpass and restarting the app, sync works again. it seems that sometimes the sync process hangs and that there is no timeout in this situation, as the spinner goes on forever.. bye, oskar
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