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  1. Just thought I'd mention my investigations and workaround. I have this problem. I have noticed, however, that I can click successfully on the border of the buttons, just not within the button. Here's a gif recording of me trying to click the buttons. Note that I'm trying to click constantly, the long pause before each click is where I'm slowly moving to find the 'sweet spot' near the border. Needless to say, it would be great to have this fixed, it is causing great confusion and frustration in my organisation.
  2. Enpass is my pick of all the cross platform password managers out there, mainly because it's NOT web based. However while it works perfectly for a single user, multi vault support for teams is not that great. There are basically two options for multi users: allow different permission levels access to a single vault, or allow multiple vaults. While permission levels is more elegant, it's much more complex to implement and possibly less secure. Multiple vaults is pretty much a no-brainer both in terms of implementation and operational procedure. The portable version currently offers multiple vaults, but in all versions (portable and not), the automated sync is locked to a single vault, named Walletx.db. If sync is set up in the portable version, the currently-opened vault just overwrites the single sync (Walletx.db) file when syncing is performed. This leaves us with the option of storing vaults directly on dropbox or other sync tool. However the portable version holds the config file open for the entire time the program is open, leading to multiple file conflicts if two people open a shared vault at once. I'm trying it now, and it's pretty ugly. So ... the sync feature works great but still restricts us to a single vault, even for portable. The clearly easiest solution is to allow the user to create a named vault, and use the OS file associations to link that to Enpass, so that opening a vault is just like opening a Word document. Then, make the sync feature use the name of the vault that was specified by the user. Hey presto: multiple vault sync! This would also do away with the screen at the start of Portable that many people have complained about. That should be a 'recently opened' list in the 'open' dialog or menu item. I know this is not trivial, but it does seem like a pretty minor update to the functionality (speaking as a developer), and the easiest way forward for now. I eagerly await this feature: I'm trying hard to bed in Enpass in my non-profit (ie. low budget) organisation, but there's only so much inconvenience the users can take! I have looked at *every* other option and they are either clearly less secure or unreasonably expensive (and I'd happily pay for Enpass, but either a one-off payment or annual subscription of less than $100 for 10-user blocks would be the way I'd like to do it). Thanks for listening.
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