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  1. 1 hour ago, 100 Watt Walrus said:

    I came to Enpass after trying all the big password manager apps. Enpass was the only one that did the things I wanted. I have started shopping again — and find myself coming back despite Enpass 6 being very much undercooked because it's still the only one that meets some high-priority needs.

    I am with you 100% - Enpass in version 5.x with many missing things was SO GREAT! I implemented on many of my devices, "sold" to my friends and family. Now, with version 6.x it has more bugs (or bugs-like issues) that I seriously regret it. But again: lack of easy export is the thing...

    Guys - devs - here are missing simple idea of KISS.

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  2. +1

    and btw why no export in CSV in ver 6?

    I start believing Enpass devs are doing some things on purpose without considering seriously Customers i.e.: no csv export in 6.x, no backward compatibility i.e. export from v6 into v5 format etc - that is really needed for people who for any reason don't want to buy v6 as they paid for v5 and they can stay with the features that are only in v5 yet they were FORCED to move to v6 by unavoidable self-update of the apps in the stores (what broke the v5 compatibility)



  3. On 1/9/2019 at 1:59 PM, Ralph said:

    OneDrive is not working for me with the latest version, I tried different browsers.  Had to switch all my devices to Google Drive to be able to cloud sync again. 

    this cannot be Enpass issue as mine is working fine and has always been, OneDrive works for me on all: Android, iOS, MacOS - only windows I did not test as I don't have

    hint: adblocker in browser?

  4. as far as I explored Bitwarden: that one is really ONE MAN show - 8 bit company is 1 person only

    at least here in Enpass we see (saw) few guys from the devs team

    and frankly: if I was a dev I would have hired 1 person to answer all forum messages - PR like - devs job is to write software not answers to users questions, right? ;-)

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