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  1. 1 hour ago, pineman said:

    Is this, a forum provided for you at no cost by Enpass, really the place to discuss alternative password managers from their competitors?

    yes, and only because developers made the Enpass.. you know what they did with 6.x version and why all this discussions started

    you should have been here before 6.x - that was really TECHNICAL forum with state of the art answers from devs

    now... look around 

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  2. 54 minutes ago, GerardoF1975 said:


    Sadly after 4 years (I started using Enpass on march 2015) and two paid Enpass versions (Windows Store + Android) it's time to search for a new password manager...

    I am afraid I am in the same situation

    so welcome to the club

    someone already said in this forum: if they (developers) did NOT do anything with 5.x it would be MUCH better than what happened to and with version 6.x


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  3. 17 minutes ago, OLLI_S said:

    But Bitwarden stores the data in the cloud.
    I would never store such sensible data in the cloud, so I quit using Bitwarden (I tested it several months with some harmless entries).

    perfect but let me know please if you use Enpass offline only then? if so how do you sync between phone and desktop? because if you say you use any cloud solution there is no difference (much at least) between fully encrypted vault from Bitwarden on their server and iCloud/OneDrive/Google/Dropbox (you name it)

    on top of that:

    1- Bitwarden just got fully audited by 3rd party company and report is available (nothing for Enpass even scheduled)

    2- Bitwarden is fully open source (Enpass is proprietary - you have NO IDEA how they implement anything)

    3- you CAN implement your own solution (cloud service) for Bitwarden (that is what I am exploring now)

    There is NOTHING fully secure - it is only a matter of resources to get things "done" (read: deciphered) 

  4. 9 minutes ago, xarlatan said:

    Bitwarden, pretty easy to set up the self hosted server and it has all the desktop/mobile/browser apps + the code is also available on Github. I really liked Enpass, but the v6 ruined it for me. It's not trustworthy anymore.

    "Bitwarden: it's really free, not a fake "free trial free"" - I believe they summed up the Enpass correctly ;-)

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  5. 44 minutes ago, Rod said:

    Thanks for your comments. Could you please provide a little bit more info. Do I need to delete current installation and reinstall from play store? Where do I copy the old file to? I am reasonably IT ok but am not very familiar with the inside workings of enpass. Will my desktop version password then work? Or should I go back to version 5? If so do I need to also copy the vault file to a specific place? 

    just take the file with vault and put WHEREVER i.e. desktop or so

    uninstall/install Enpass and during first run use "open the vault" (or so - I don't remember what is says exactly) and point to the file you stored

    Then it shall accept the password

    it worked on one of my comps - before that it was just not accepting the password

  6. 11 minutes ago, Rod said:


    If anybody has a way to help me solve this mess then any help will be appreciated. 

    I had the same issue with one of my installation. The solution for me was: use the file from last backup or vault and use it as NEW vault - not trying to use the old installation. Even if this means you need to uninstall the old one and install fresh and then, instead of upgrade just open the old file.

  7. Hi there,

    seeing that 6.0 is not what I was expecting (after few weeks of using it on Mac, iOS and Android) I would like to return to the versions I paid: 5.6 (both Android and iOS)

    unfortunately my database has been upgraded to 6.0 

    how can I return to 5.6?

    export from 6.0 to .json is not recognisable by version 5.6

    please advice


  8. Just now, mike_w said:

    Nobody here is asking for a backdoor to the master password though. We are saying we have authorized fingerprints on file that have been disabled by an update. We need another update to allow us to use these authorized prints.

    that is ok and what I like in new Enpass is: forced use of master password from time to time

    so anyway, if finger print is not working you should use your master password 

    forgetting it must mean: zero

    otherwise... I already said it ;)

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