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  1. I have commented on this sync issue before. You guys may not care as you already have my money, but I stopped recommending your program to others months ago, and now I am actively looking for another password keeper. The fact you don't have a true sync, either by cable, wi-fi or blue tooth is just do not fit me needs. I am surprised more people haven't dumped you over this issue.
  2. I have followed this topic for a while and would like to add my voice to saying this is a key feature for me. I need a true two way sync. I have Enpass on three devices and don't always have the same one around to make changes on. I really would like to see this feature, Enpass is everything I want (except this), but I can't recommend this program to others without this wi-fi two-way sync
  3. The possibility of the WiFi sync was what brought me to Enpass, it is why I bought the app. However Enpass not adding it as a feature as promised is why I stopped promoting Enpass to friends and co-workers. Now I point them in other directions. This is a key feature for me and will be the reason I stop using Enpass when I do.
  4. I went ahead and purchased the app thinking this was going to be here. Still waiting for that wifi sync that was promised as part of v. 6. Any updates on it?
  5. What would be better than a wi-fi sync would be a blue tooth or data cord sync. Yes I know data cord is older sync tech, but what I am looking for would be a direct mobile device to PC two way sync. No cloud. I would buy the app as soon as that worked. Right now I am on the fence if this product is really what I want.
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