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  1. same problem is back again.... annoying. Using Brave 1.26.74 with Enpass extension for chrome 6.6.2 : getting this message : Browser code : 3 origin : chrome-extension://kmcfomidfpdkfieipokbalgegidffkal path : /Apps/internet/Brave Browser.app/Contents/Frameworks/Brave Browser Framework.framework/Versions/ Browser Helper.app/Contents/MacOS/Brave Browser Helper port : 49490 server_port : 10391 the usual questions answered : Which device and OS version you using? : MacBook Pro 15" 2016 with 10.14.6 Which Enpass version using on the same device? 6.6.3. Did you face the same problem with any other browsers too? no, just Brave this is recurrent. sometimes it's working nicely with Brave as in 1.25, sometimes not, as now with 1.26
  2. Hello In contrast to LastPass, Enpass's autofill does not work on the field "1. Mon numéro client" (= My customer number) : https://mabanque.bnpparibas/fr/connexion (the English langage version of this page does not work alas) Using Enpass 6.6.2 (834) on MacOS 10.14.6 on a Macbookpro 15 (2016) with Safari 14.1.1 or Brave 1.25.70 (Chromium: 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (x86_64) Even after inspecting the HTML of this web page and testing the HTML names of the fields for autofill and adjsting Enpass accordingly. Maybe the auto-fill feature is deactivated on this web site, cannot tell.
  3. Same for me. Running MacOS 10.14.6 and Enpass 6.6.2 on a MacBook Pro 15 (2016). TouchID feature in Tools/Preferences/Security is checked but grayed out and a message (in Frenhc) like "TouchID is not activated on this device". Clicking on "More..." does not help at all : you should display a temporary messagebox about this bug as you are aware of this. I searched for days before finding this thread. Added a new fingerprint to see if the issue was more on MacOS side but did not helped. Need to use NIP feature (in Tools/Preferences/Security) in the meantime.
  4. Now Enpass extensions connects to the main Enpass App and autofills within browsers: it works fine back again, like some months ago. Clearly, the current versions of Enpass do not recognize mainstream browsers like firefox, chromium.... (ouch) Francesco- MacOS 10.12.6/MacbookPro 15" Enpass 5.6.11 (155) (latest) Safari 11.1.2 (latest) Chromium 68.0.3440.84 (latest) Firefox 61.0.1 (latest)
  5. The new version of August 7 (5.6.11 - 155) does not help. In the lack of support, I eventually found this go-around: in Enpass preferences, tab "Browser", uncheck "Verify browsers" (I translate from my langage, no idea it is exactly in English but something like that). Hope this helps Francesco-
  6. same for me : Mac OS 10.13.5 Enpass 5.6.9 (151) works OK on safari does not work on Chromium (not chrome, chromium) anymore since 2 days. when I click on the (T) icon in the Chromium icon bar, it says "please start Enpass desktop..." Burt the desktop is already running, on and opened. Also, browsers extensions are enabled and working (used to work fine 2 days ago and works OK on safari). Reinstalled chromium, enpass, updated chromium, restarted computer : none fixed the problem.
  7. fmfm

    Elmsoft Enpass

    me again : Jeffrey Goldberg, from AgileBits, the makers of 1Password, very quickly answered and criticised the test. He wrote : So Elmsoft has to redo it again considering 1Password'd answers which resulted in a MUCH improved rating of 1Password (i.e., a better security than previously tested) : https://blog.elcomsoft.com/2017/08/attacking-the-1password-master-password-follow-up/ So, what about Enpass ? is that PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1 or PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 ? (I understand nothing to cryptology but, according to 1Password, the second is told to be more secure). In Enpass web site/Safety, I could only found, for my little understanding, mention of "only" PBKDF2 but no details about the variant actually used. Kind regards, Francesco
  8. Elmsoft Enpass Hello What's the Enpass opinion on this article : https://blog.elcomsoft.com/2017/08/one-password-to-rule-them-all-breaking-into-1password-keepass-lastpass-and-dashlane/ where those people claim they can easily break many of the master passwords. Despite Enpass was not tested but known competitors to Enpass (1Password, LastPass, Dashlane etc.) , some results appear just SOOO critical..... it would be good to have Enpass's opinion (as well as an ElcomSoft test on Enpass). Kind regards, Francesco
  9. TouchID works great, good job. But would it be possible to get a straight access to TouchID to unlock Enpass instead of being able to select first the fingerprint icon and then use touchID? Maybe I am wrong but I think the first step is not very useful and productive so it could be removed: so that we can either type the password or use TouchID to unlock without any additional user click.
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