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  1. Sorry, I thought I had replied to this? Chrome OS does not have this accessibility option like Android does, so this work-around does not work.
  2. For those of us not using Chrome on our Chrome OS devices can the Android autofill service option be added? I use a Chromebook Duet mainly as a tablet and am using Brave as my browser, which is available only as an Android app, but Enpass does not seem to have a way to talk to the browser.
  3. I'm using a Pixel 4XL, my Enpass version is edit, it's also available for me on Windows 6.4.0 (631)
  4. I already have the exclude symbol option, what are they working on?
  5. I was just coming to post this same request! I almost always have to edit my generated passwords because the site lists included symbols, not excluded ones
  6. got my p4xl yesterday and I can confirm that the face unlock works very well with the beta, but I would also second an option to skip the confirmation step. it seems unnecessary
  7. We're now going on 5 months since we were told it was coming soon. Some transparency in the process would be appreciated, especially since this is an app many paid for specifically because it offered Chromebook support, only to have it removed.
  8. I'm experiencing this issue again. Some background, this is my wife's account which was set up late last year but she hadn't used it much. When I first set it up I was having sync issues, found this thread, enrolled her in beta and all was good. Her previous pw manager license expired last week so she started using Enpass but it was asking for her master pw, which wasn't being accepted on either the Android or Win10 desktop app, which was an oddity to begin with. I still had her old .CSV file so I deleted the Enpass on both and set her up fresh. Win10 client seems to be working fine, but it's not syncing to her phone via Google Drive. I deleted the old Enpass folder in Drive before setting the account up again. She's using a Pixel 2 running stock Androids 8.1. When I initially link the Drive account via the Android app it says it syncs, though no data actually comes through. That initial link is the Last Synchronized time; the Last Attempt updates with every try but it doesn't actually sync. There is no error given.
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