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  1. @Abhishek Dewan this topic is from 2020 and we're deep into 2024 already. This affects more than just Raspberry Pi users, but all Linux Users on a 64bit ARM CPU. Means also i.e. Linux users on Apple Chips or on newer surface laptops, etc. Even 1Password supports Linux on 64bit ARM and I'd guess they're one of your biggest competitors. And you know how it works: If one person of a group can't use something essential like the password manager, you see people migrating to a different software.
  2. Any ETA on Enpass 6? Really waiting for multiple password vaults. PS: It would be also kinda important to be able to configure different syncs for the vaults.
  3. Also waiting for this. WIll it be in the 6.0 version?
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