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  1. At this stage Enpass is just too borken for me to use. Good luck to you all but I'm moving to another platform.
  2. Are you using the machine with multiple users? Yes Which cloud services are you using to sync? Google Drive Are you using both the versions of Enpass? Just have the UWP Bridged Win32 version 5.6.6 installed Have you imported the data from any other software? Yes - from LastPass I don't use Edge often so I will uninstall the extension and see if it makes a difference
  3. As above still getting the error post 5.6.6 update
  4. Any word on when this update will be released?
  5. Having the same issue. As above only on reboot and happening on both laptop and PC. Windows 10 Pro version 1709 using Google Drive for sync
  6. New version seems to be working for me. Haven't had any issues with disappearing notifications since I upgraded. This is version 5.5.9
  7. I have the same issue autofilling into Chrome. I've noticed that if I pull down the menu slowly this Enpass notification stays there but if I pull down the menu quickly it disappears. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge running 7.0 with the latest security patches. I have Enpass 5.5.7 installed.
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