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  1. More then 3 years nothing happening. Great job!
  2. Still not fixed. How many years is this pending now? Unbelievable!
  3. You are right it works only for starting the app itself, not for logging into websites. it is a pitty that the support is so lousy, some things take for ever to get fixed
  4. …. And the setting not avoid new login for some time does not work for any app. You always have to log in again. Please fix this. It is really annoying.
  5. What you said does not make any sense. The wasted space is not at all used for any field or for longer fields. Just look at the screen dumps above. A tool should not eat up your screen with so much wasted space. And by the way notes is one of the options of the software that does make a lot of sence to keep the save. So notes are an essential part and should work smooth as well. You are free to make the tool fullscreen if you want but dont tell others they should see the wasted space as features. This is just ridiculoous.
  6. I played with this feature as it is so anoying. Here what I figured out: If you switch ON "Lock after Leaving" and switch it OFF again, than it does what it is supposed to do. So there seams to be an issue with keeping the setting or with the initial setting. But at least this is a possibility to get is working.
  7. Are you just shitting on inputs from your customers and commitments are worth nothing to you? Don't tell your users you are working on it and fixing it when this is simply not true. I'm disappointed.
  8. This is still NOT fixed. Your support is really tiring in some cases. Really anoying things last years to get fixed. Are your really working on it? IOS devices lock immediately, no matter what you enter in the settings.
  9. …. Still no update no change?! …. THREE YEARS later only promises.
  10. This must be really difficult, since years no change. And customer satisfaction and inputs seem also to be not important. Very sad!
  11. Just change the theme and you have the former size again. With 6.5.1 they just made "classic" theme as default and it has small letter. "modern" still has big letters.
  12. Oh there is even nothing new on the screen with the update. You just made the classic theme as default. Never mind. After two year a remindes seems to be worth while anyway.
  13. I do not understand you guys. Now you have deployed an update with smaler letters to display more stuff, BUT you still left this HUGE WASTE OF SPACE on the screen. It is unbelievable how difficult this must be. Do you not have an expert in HMI? I'm really disappointed. This is so annoying.
  14. Even so I have configured to lock the app only after 30min and „locking when leaving“ is disabled I have to log in all the time. Also when just switching to a different app for seconds. This seems not to work. It would be nice to fix this!
  15. You promissed to fix this. Since how many releases? Are u not able to fix something this simple? I‘m really diasspointed.
  16. Update 6.3.3.: Still alle this wasted screen space. Is this so difficult?
  17. Please position the text left oriented using the complete space. It requires a much too big window right now to get an exceptional size of details, leaving a lot of space totally empty. Thanks a lot. Why
  18. Shit, some days later: same problem: WIN enpass does not update changes in IOS. I hate Enpass for this! It sucks!
  19. did try further, deleted the who win installation and databases and reinstalled. Now it works! Maybe something that went wrong during all the updates. case closed
  20. checked more: Win mobile does sync also from IOS updates. So it is an issue of the non-mobile windows 10 application!
  21. haveing same issues with WebDav: Win client does NOT update from IOS clients, but IOS clients do update from Win client. This shit existsts since more than a year and no one cares!
  22. I'm syncronizing to an WebDAV on a Synology Server. Works very fine. Expect the fact, that modification on the Win client get distributed to all Enpass clients. Modifications from Apple devices get synced on Apple devices but not on the Win enpass client. It is in the WebDav database, because when rebuilding the Winclient from the WebDav all modifactions are there. So there is still a problem on the Win10 client!!! It is a pitty that no one takes care or fixes this since month. I tried with several laptops in the meantime. Same problem.
  23. Hello ! As reported already to your service (and hopefully fixed soon): I'm using two ISO clients and three Windows clients (Win 10, Win7, Win7(domain)). 64bit. All are synchronizing to a WebDav folder. This works very find for IOS. All IOS clients are always up to date. Win does have a sync problem. When adding or editting enties on the Win clients they do not get updated or added reliably to the other Win clients. Some are not updated or not added. In both directions Win10 to Win7 and visa versa. But when I delete the db files on the Win clients and resync from WebDav all entries are there. So they ARE all in the WebDAV db but there is an issue with the sync mechanism. This leads to double entries and me not having reliable data. It would be great if this could be fixed soon. Data integrity is most important for a tool like Enpass. Thanks. Regards, Matis
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