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  1. Hello,

    After the upgrade I had to reconfigure my webdav sync (using Nextcloud).
    Sadly this resulted in an error on both my windows and android client.

    I made sure that Enpass had a clean Nexctloud environment to setup the sync: the old Enpass 5 folder has been moved to a backup location.
    I can see that a new Enpass folder gets created, but it stays empty. So at least they seem to be connecting and can create the Enpass directory, but nothing else?

    When trying to sync, I get the following message:


    Sync Error

    Something went wrong while syncing with WebDAV. Error code: 908405

    Same error occurs in both the windows store and android play store version.
    I did not encounter these issues on Enpass 5, nothing else has changed on my Nextcloud server.

    Could anyone shed some light on what the error code means?

  2. Small bug that I noticed.

    Using Windows Traditional 5.6.0
    Firefox 57 latest extension

    • Open Firefox
    • Open Enpass extension: pop-up appears, you can search your passwords or autofill
    • Don't do anything with Enpass and close the pop-up by clicking outside the enpass window
    • Open Enpass extension again: the pop-up appears and will immediately disappear
    • After this encounter, you won't get this bug again untill you close Firefox and repeat above steps again.

    It also seems to happen if you have used enpass for some sites, but then decide to do the trick mentioned above, for example:

    • Open Firefox
    • Open Enpass extension: pop-up appears
    • Use Enpass¬†extension to log you in to a site (you can do this for multiple sites)
    • Use Enpass extension to open the pop-up, don't do anything, immediately close it
    • Use Enpass extension to open the pop-up again: pop-up appears and disappears again

    Make sure if you test this out, that all Firefox instances are closed when you try to reproduce this bug. I'm not able to reproduce it twice during the same Firefox session.
    I have no idea if other browser extensions have this bug as well...

  3. Are other people experiencing this error as well?

    Using Windows Traditional 5.6.0
    Firefox 57, latest extension (had the issue on Firefox 56 as well)

    Logging in to a microsoft account is a 2-step process. First fill in E-mail and submit, then fill password and submit.
    When I use Enpass autofill:

    • It fills the e-mail correctly and submits
    • Next page (password-page) I immediatly get an error "account or password incorrect, try again"
    • I can use autofill again for the password and it logs me in without problems.

    Could enpass be submitting too much on the first step that causes the error?
    Other services that use 2-page logins don't seem to have this problem:

    • Google gets logged in instantly: Enpass fills in e-mail + submit and password + submit
    • Amazon is not instant, but without errors: Autofills e-mail + submit and then I have to ask Enpass to de the same for the password
    • Yahoo behaves the same way as Amazon.
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  4. 5 minutes ago, Tobias S. said:

    I don't think manually installing the .apk is a good long-term solution.

    If the developers don't mind keeping an unofficial app next to their Play Store variant, then I'd really love that option.
    That way users can keep that functionality until they make a switch to Oreo.

    I'm not asking to further develop on the Accessibility API of Android, that would be pointless if Google decides they can't use it.
    But if the current version could be kept up-to-date on the website and the Play Store version without the Accessibility option, it would help out most of us during this transition towards Oreo, no?

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