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  1. stu2010

    Enable Browser Extension

    Good Morning A great program! Please move if in the wrong thread. I have been using Enpass for windows PC, downloaded from the Enpass website for a few months. I have been using Firefox exclusively...but now I have frequent crashes with Firefox and want to migrate to Edge...but the app tells me I need to download and enable the Edge extension...which I have done, but still get the popup warning about the extension requirements. Do I need to uninstall the windows PC version obtained from your website and download Enpass from windows Store? If this is the case...please be specific with details, can I download and over write, or uninstall PC version, restart and install Store version. Do I need to export all my data...etc etc Will the Firefox & google extensions work with the windows Store version? Thanks for any help
  2. stu2010

    yahoo mail

    Good Morning Akash Thank you.
  3. stu2010

    yahoo mail

    Good Morning New here and need help. As I populate my data base I have found that the login to yahoo mail does not accept the password, but does accept the user name and stalls at the password screen. Am I doing something wrong? In anticipation of a response Thank you