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  1. The pre-release version linked above works just fine for me, you should try it too.
  2. I think I was seeing it recently under following circumstances: at some point I have network connectivity, but no internet connectivity, and if Enpass tries to sync at that moment, it again gets stuck with this error -120 until it is restarted.
  3. Hello. I am using Enpass on Linux desktop with Firefox and Chrome extensions. As of recent I cannot autofill the credentials for StarMoney anymore: triggering Enpass shows some credentials, but selecting the correct one has no effect. This definitely has been working previously. As a workaround I have tried to automatically save the credentials with Enpass anew, but signing in have not triggered the credentials saving dialog.
  4. Sweet! And a special thanks for the instant response!
  5. Thank you for the great news, Anshu Kumar! Could you also share when it is planned to release the next update? It is a bit annoying to start every working day with restart of Enpass
  6. I have the same issue.
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