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  1. 41 minutes ago, Enes Stastoli said:

    I think that one should not be for everyone but only as an option to change in the settings because in my opinion it is an extra layer of security when someone hits random keys or thinks that it might know the master pass or pin and it cannot enter inside the app without hitting enter by making it harder fpr him to guess, and an automatic login would prove the one who tries to enter a guessed pss or pin right with only a few tries rather than leaving him in doubt. 

    Thanks, and would like for you guys to take my opinion into consideration. 

    Optional is fine by me.. 

    That said, I don't agree with some of your logic. If you are concerned about security, you would not likely enable PIN which is much easier to 'guess attack' from the console than the more complex master password. If you enable PIN, you aren't really concerned as about security of the console of your device, so my suggestion is an extension of that, and only applied to PIN, not entering master password.

  2. I would like to suggest removing the need to hit the Enter key when entering in a PIN, and possibly also Password, to unlock Enpass.

    Hitting the enter key here is a completely redundant step when entering a password into an application, especially the PIN option after having already unlocked Enpass with Password at least once since launching it.

  3. I have a Surface Pro 4 and after updating from 5.2.0 to the 5.2.2 beta to try out the Edge Extension, the Windows Desktop Enpass app data is all compress and overlapping.

    When I turned on the High-DPI setting and set it to 200% I saw absolutely no change. Changing the DPI setting to other values also resulted in absolutely no change.

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