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  1. I understand now. I was thinking the pin would also work on the desktop app for some reason.
  2. Your two statements seem contradictory to me. If the pin code is supposed to have the same access as the master password, how is making your master password the pin any less secure than having a pin in the first place? You're essentially saying "I want two passwords to unlock Enpass, a secure one and a less secure one." Having two passwords doesn't make the app any more secure than using only the less secure one.
  3. In the 5.2.2 beta it looks like we can now use the shortcuts to copy the username and password. Can we also get a keyboard shortcut to copy the current TOTP code? That would cover the main things we need to use Enpass without the mouse.
  4. This is still an issue in the current 5.2.2 beta.
  5. That sounds like a security risk because it gives your pin the same access level as the master password. -- Why not make your master password the pin.
  6. I was doing random work when my clipboard kept getting cleared even without using Enpass. After going to the Enpass settings and disabling this feature my clipboard stopped clearing itself. Not sure if it matters but Enpass was unlocked during this time. Shouldn't the clipboard clearing feature only fire when a password has been copied?
  7. I think it would also be worth flagging topics as [Solved] or [Released] to help clearly know if a topic has been concluded. A simple title change would work. The other problem I am seeing is a bunch of +1 posts on feature requests. I don't know this forum software, but maybe there is a way to star or flag a topic. It would also be useful for the dev team to know what the majority of users really want.
  8. This exists in Enpass 5.2 now. We just need easier keyboard controls.
  9. Double clicking the try icon now opening Enpass for me on v5.2 Linux.
  10. Just updated to the new Enpass. I love the details view, but is there no way to get there without using the mouse? Here's an example workflow I would have naturally expected to work. (1-3 already work; can we get keyboard shortcuts for 4-6?) Hit my hotkey to bring up the extension. Start entering my search term. Hit the down arrow to get to my search item. Hit the right arrow to view details (hitting left arrow when viewing details should go back). Hit down to select what I want to copy (maybe TOTP). Hit enter to copy to clipboard (an the extension closes).
  11. I would also put this as one of, if not my most requested feature.
  12. Sounds like this is in the new (not yet released) version of Enpass coming in a month or two.
  13. Just to add, this did in fact happen to me once. Luckily for me though it was on Dropbox was was keeping recent versions saved for me, so I was able to go back in time and restore a working copy. Support was very helpful (even though there wasn't much they could do) when contacting them about the issue.
  14. On Linux the background color of the Generate Password dialog is using one of the colors from my selected theme which is making the popup unreadable. Black text on a near black background. Can we get this fixed or hard-coded to something a bit lighter? -- Unfortunately because it's a tooltip box, its hard to take a screenshot. Had to use my phone to take a crappy photo to show you what I'm talking about.
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