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  1. Hi Dustin, Dear, you have two fields there. Accidently, both have some unique attributes that obstruct auto filling. Keywords deployed on the particular page by the site doesn't support the auto-fill feature. For now, our team is looking into logical fixing for all such websites. Please bear with us. Thanks.
  2. Hi @DustinDauncey, Here we are planning to introduce a rich icon support for URLs and of course, our team is putting vast efforts to deliver the best. At the moment I can't confirm any ETA. Keep suggesting. Thanks a lot
  3. Hi Raid, Although, it has been already in our roadmap. It is appreciable that you are taking keen interest to suggest new features. Keep suggesting. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi @edenhaus It is appreciable that you are facilitating our team with your precious and valuable guidance to improve our product's services. We are managing localizations for Enpass at crowdin.com. If you have found some issues with German language and would like to have a look at the translations, please write to us again at localization@enpass.io mentioning an E-mail address where we can send an invite to you for joining Crowdin account. I am glad to assist you here. Once again thanks a lot for your kind advise. Cheers!
  5. Hello Michael It was a bit weird situation when we get to know about the issue you are facing. Please confirm if I am right when I say that Everything that you copy on clipboard from any software is being cleared according to the Clear clipboard setting of Enpass. While the default scenario is that only the values copied from Enpass (and too by copy button) will be cleared from clipboard. We are not able to reproduce the issue here in our test environment, so to investigate into it further please confirm your Linux distro and desktop environment. Cheers!
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