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  1. As an early adopter / user of Enpass and now having cause for concern, I am Curious to know is there a business reason for using the Microsoft store? From a user standpoint, IMHO Microsoft tends to be greedy and thereby your association with them gives the feeling of such on your part. In addition the change to a pro-version for what were previously published as a one time/life time purchase has jaded many a customer including myself. What was a beautifully simple, functional, common sense software product to organize and protect passwords has become unwieldy by Enpass Corp. agreeing to unnecessarily over complicate the software to answer the the constant criticisms and calls for "I need this, why doesn't it do that" and so the story goes on to produce something that frustrates more and more needy and demanding users requiring more complex software development adding costs, requiring new revenue, and simply missing the point; its about organizing and protecting passwords. Sorry for venting on the blogs but I thought the programmers should know there are people who were excited and are beginning to lose the excitement of such a good product because of what appears to be greed and unnecessary need on the surface.
  2. The issue of the lack of copy and paste for notes is very frustrating, please add the right click menu for copy and paste back to the software.
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