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  1. I cannot provide a demo account unfortunately, but this is happening once a day lately from my Macbook running Catalina. I'm running version 6.4.2 (667) Beta. I also use Enpass on Android 10 but every time I receive the message is on my Mac. You should REALLY fix the issue as it's extremely annoying, not to say that I always fear my latest login details are lost!!
  2. I still have this error on my devices with the latest version, can you please provide a DEFINITIVE fix??
  3. On Twitter they stated they had some "latest minute fix" that prevented them to publish the Beta until now. No ETA for the new version, but I hope it will be soon enough!?
  4. Bump, I expected to see a Beta update by now......
  5. Hello. When signing up, we are requested to input both username and email (and both get saved to Enpass). However on some sites, during login, only email (or username) is asked, and Enpass sometimes fills the wrong value (email instead of username or viceversa) and I have to edit the values manually to be able to login. Can we specify a default login field to be used on a specific website? E.g. set the username as the default authentication method on a website, and email on another website.
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