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  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure what you mean by "full-time Windows Hello support" … Are you talking about the fact that Enpass needs the master password once after a restart? If yes: I have that on my Surface Book 2 too. That is ultra-annoying. V5 UWP didn't do that. So I need to get my Android Enpass to get the Enpass master password before Windows Hello works again.

    That being said, after unlocking Enpass with the master password once, Windows Hello seems to work fine for me.

  2. This was a different thread that was closed - due to "windows wont let us do this".

    In fact, you are incorrect and have been at least since Windows 10 Version 1709. For proof, please see the app "Ear Trumpet", which is a brilliant volume control app that replaces the windows built-in volume control. It totally opens and minimizes back to the system tray. It auto-starts on boot. In fact, I think Enpass should work just like it.

    @Akash: Please revisit your answer to that closed thread?

    Please stop using Windows as an excuse why things don't work. ;-)

  3. Sorry Akash, that answer doesn't even come close to it.

    1. The UWP version is... Universal. It works on PC, Phone and HoloLens and always looks and feels the same. The w32 Bridge/Desktop version doesn't.

    2. The UWP version is great for touchscreens, the w32 Bridge/Desktop version is from the stone-age and is horrible for touch screens.

    3. The UWP version supports Windows Hello biometric (un-)lock with fingerprint, face, iris and soon with palmvein recognition. Forget your password - literally!

    4. The UWP version does not support browser extensions. IMHO that is a bad excuse tho… I don't see why a browser extension can't just connect to my cloud or local vault file and extract passwords from there. I understand that the UWP model will not allow apps to communicate directly to localhost - which, from a security standpoint - is a good thing. But if the UWP can connect to a cloud or a local vault file, why can't a browser extension? Other extensions certainly do...

    Do I sound like a bitter UWP user? Absolutely. I've tried both versions and I'll rather have the UWP version any time - hands down. Check the store - the UWP version even has better reviews, too.

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