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  1. In Enpass 6 on mac, using the Chrome extension: When you log into a site, Enpass pops up the Touch ID login screen instantly, and also the extension window. I think that popping up only the extension, and THEN touch ID only if I choose to save the password, is better. I don't like having to cancel Touch ID every time I log into certain sites without saving the password. I do like that the browser extension window goes away if I click anywhere on the page, though. Much better than Enpass 5 where you needed to close out of the window when it was trying to save a password.
  2. d1900

    Touch ID

    Agreed! If touchpass is configured, it should prompt instantly - especially since that's what the browser extension does.
  3. I spoke too soon - the error only happened once since the update. Thank you for making it a pleasure to use Enpass once again.
  4. Bug still exists in new version. If you can't reproduce and need me to run a version with debug symbols or something I'm willing to do that.
  5. Thanks! I will switch to the website version from the app store version.
  6. Hi Enpass Team, Do you have a timeline for this fix? I have really enjoyed using Enpass, but the number of months we've been dealing with crashes and empty database issues mean that I must start to decide whether I should migrate to a different solution.
  7. Also having the issue a couple times a day with needing to restart Enpass because of an empty DB. (though mine doesn't crash) Newest Macbook Pro and macOS Not a huuuge deal, though it does make me a little nervous the passwords won't be there someday when I restart it..
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