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  1. perfect, because i want it too ;-)
  2. misteurz

    Database is empty

    12 hours with 5.6.9 and the problem seems solved! thank you!!
  3. misteurz

    Enpass blank slate / empty of items

    I'm thinking to switch to the website version too. Does the website version auto-update? or do we have to check on enpass.io so see if there is a new version?
  4. misteurz

    Enpass blank slate / empty of items

  5. misteurz

    Database is empty

    PLease... Let us know when this problem will be solved...
  6. misteurz

    Database is empty

    Hi, it's really a problem you know? It happens so many times a day... that i'm thinking to leave enpass... Please, when will you fix that?
  7. misteurz

    Database is empty

    great :-) thanks
  8. misteurz

    Database is empty

  9. misteurz

    Database is empty

    Hi, one or two times a day, when i put my finger on the Touch id sensor, database is empty. sometimes it is when i try lo log in on the chrome plugin, sometimes when i login on the desktop enpass app. I have to close and relaunch the desktop app to recover the database. I have tried to delete everything and install everything again on my mac : enpass desktop, enpass plugin on chrome, enpass folder with saved data... What do you think?
  10. Hi, Since desktop 5.6.2, desktop client sometimes crashes. When i click "little enpass icon" on chrome, the app sometime closes itself, and i have to relaunch it and type my master password. 5.6.3 does'nt resolve this problem. And 5.6.3 has another problem for me : sometime, when i want to fill nickname and password on a website, enpass is empty : no password at all, nothing in it. The only thing to do is close the app and launch it again... All this is very annoying. What do you think?
  11. Hi, i would like to know what are the differences between Appstore version and web site version please? I don't care about icloud, so that feature is not important for me. I've notice that my actual appstore version is 5.6.2(118), and when i download the web site version, the file is named Enpass-5.6.0.dmg. Thanks in advance for your answers